Device are available! Come get them!!! 3rd, 4th and 5th grade DS Johnson Students

Mrs. Haynes, Librarian, Media Specialist, and Computer whiz at DS Johnson Elementary, has Devices, and Hotspots.

 Devices are available, since Feb 23rd:
All 3rd Grade, and 4th Grade devices should be picked up!  We still have a lot of devices just sitting here  Come pick-up your device.  Kindly remind your classmates, please.
5th grade requests, and concerns have been taken care of.  
Hot spot requests have been filled.  Come claim your hotspot.  There are still some that need claiming.   We Called you to let you know about their availability.  Students!  Come get your hot spots! :
If you have a student inquiring about a hot spot charger, we charge $20 for replacement. 
Missing/lost hot spot, needs a police report before a replacement can be issued.  If no report is provided, pay $224 to get a replacement.
The Hotspot request form link is still available below:

Please help students to be successful,.  Keep the students online in order to complete all classwork.

Remember.  The best grades are earned by the student who completes all the classwork with accuracy.